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Poet Biographies

Whitman, Neal
Neal Whitman is not sad, bad, or mad. But, he is a poet in Pacific Grove, California, where, since he is lucky enough to live by the ocean, is lucky enough.
Whysall-Hammond, Kim
Kim Whysall-Hammond grew up in London but now lives where the skies are much darker. She has worked as an Astronomer, in Climate Research and in Telecommunications. She has poems in anthologies published by Wild Pressed Books, Milk and Cake Press and Palewell Press and forthcoming from Brigids Gate Press.
Wilcox, Daniel
Short Bio: Daniel Wilcox's first book of poetry, Dark Energy, was published by Diminuendo Press. His writing has appeared in many magazines including Moria Poetry, The Copperfield Review, The Centrifugal Eye, Counterexample Poetics, Tipton Poetry Journal, The Write Room, and The Danforth Review. Before that he hiked through Cal State Long Beach (Creative Writing), Montana, Europe, Palestine/Israel; worked in a mental institution, on an Indian reservation, and taught literature to teenagers. He
Wildhood, Megan
m.nicole.r.wildhood's fiction, nonfiction and poetry has appeared in The Atticus Review, Page and Spine and elsewhere. She has been a saxophone player and registered scuba diver for over half her life and writes for Seattle's street newspaper Real Change. In addition to blogging at megan.thewildhoods.com, she is currently at work on a novel and a full-length collection of poetry.
Wilhoite-Mathews, Sara
Willis, Jason
I am a poet and storyteller. I love art and gaming and entertainment. I\'ve previously published several poems in Scifaikuest magazine.
Wilsey, Carolyn
Nature’s intricacies inspire Carolyn Wilsey to write poems. She holds a BA in American Literature from Middlebury College and an MFA in Creative Writing, fiction, from Emerson College. Carolyn attends writing conferences and is active in Bay Area open mics. Her poems appear in Pretty Owl Poetry, Rogue Agent, Stirring, The Virginia Normal, West Marin Review, Eclectica, Quiet Lightning, and other publications. In 2020, one of her poems was nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology.
Wilson, Connor
From the heart but possibly from dreams
Wilson, Glen
BIO Glen Wilson lives in Portadown, Co Armagh with his wife Rhonda and children Sian and Cain. He has been published in Iota, A New Ulster and The Interpreters House.In 2014 he won the Poetry Space competition and was shortlisted for the Wasafiri New Writing Prize. He is currently working on his first collection of poetry. Twitter @glenhswilson glenhswilson@facebook.com
Wilson, Juliet
Juliet Wilson is a writer, adult education tutor and conservation volunteer based in Edinburgh, UK. Her second chapbook Unthinkable Skies was published in 2010. She edits the on-line poetry journal Bolts of Silk (http://boltsofsilk.blogspot.com) and blogs at Crafty Green Poet (http://craftygreenpoet.blogspot.com).
Wilson, Mike
It is in haiku form, but about a non-nature subject :-) Thanks for considering this! - Mike
Wilson, Mike
Thanks for taking a look. bio available on request :-)
Wilson-Dalzell, Jordan
Writer was the first name Jordan called herself. She is a disabled queer femme autistic poet and teaching artist. Art is how she learned to be honest with herself; healing is a whole body process. Slam poetry taught her to stop asking permission to speak. She competes in slam to show young queer folks how powerful our voices are and show one survivor at a time, that there is at least on person ready to listen. She spends too much time arguing with her dog over blankets and working hard at bei
Wing, Dawn
dawn wing is a librarian and multimedia artist/poet/writer based in new york. she enjoys creative experimentation through comics, collage, animation and words. equally enjoyable activities include traveling, volunteering at a food share and being immersed in nature. you can find her works at http://dwingcomics.tumblr.com.
Wisely, Dale
Dale Wisely founded and edits Right Hand Pointing and with Howie Good founded and co-edits White Knuckle Press.

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