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Poet Biographies

Thacker, Nicholas
I am an HVAC/R mechanic by trade, but spend my free time writing. My writings focus on the deconstruction of domination and systems of oppression, and a journey for total liberation.
Thavalingam, Annoj
I am a researcher developing novel gene therapies. I also serve as the editor of a local newspaper and enjoy spending my leisure time watching movies and playing retro video games.
Thepmankorn, Parisorn
Parisorn Thepmankorn lives in a small and relatively unknown town in New Jersey.
Therrien , Allan
Thomas, Jeffrey
Just some dude.
Thompson, Jesse
Thompson, Richard
Richard Thompson is a clinical psychologist living in Houston
Thompson, Shannon
Thorn, Jonathan
My name is Jonathan Thorn. I’m a stay at home dad with my wife and five children. I love to write and let my thoughts flow onto paper. I have a chapbook published ‘Cutting the Mobius’ and ‘Sophistimicated’ through Writing Knights. I have also been published in two magazines High Coupe and Stroke Connections Magazine as well as anthologies through Writing Knights Press including 'The Squire: Page a Day Poetry Anthology 2015', ‘1000 Paper Cranes’, ‘The Grail’, ‘Stark Roots’, Crisis Chronicle Pr
Thymian, Jari
Tilley, Ellis
Tinkcom, Marina
Tomaloff, David
David Tomaloff (b. 1972) | is a writer, musician, photographer, and all around-bad influence | likes: jazz | hates: jazz | photography: yes | his work has also appeared in publications such as: Prick of the Spindle, DOGZPLOT, the Sixteenth Letter, Ditch Poetry, Otoliths, and elimae | see: davidtomaloff.com
Tompkins, Pat
Thank you for reading my work.

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