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Poet Biographies

Stratigakis, George
George Stratigakis’ work has appeared in The Wisconsin Review, Thimble Literary, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, Quiddity International, Contemporary American Voices, The Tipton Poetry Journal, Three Line Poetry, Stixoi, and The American Aesthetic.
Streur, Russell
Russell Streur is a born-again dissident residing in Johns Creek, Georgia. He was hit over the head with a baseball bat swung by an insistent muse from Crete in May of 2004 and has been just fine ever since. His poetry has been published in England, Ireland, Malaysia, Mauritius, Scotland, Switzerland and the United States. He operates The Camel Saloon, an on-line speakeasy catering to dromedaries, malcontents and jewels of the world: http://thecamelsaloon.blogspot.com/ His photography and a
Streur, Russell
Russell Streur
Strong, Whittier
Whittier Strong graduates in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, MN. He hopes to continue his education in an MFA program. He presently resides in Minneapolis. More of his writing is available at whittierstrong.wordpress.com
Subacchi, David
David Subacchi lives in Wales (UK) where he was born of Italian roots. He studied at the University of Liverpool and has four published collections of his poetry in English and one in Welsh. He has recently also begun to write in Italian. He is a member of Chester Poets, the oldest established poetry group in the North West of England. David's Blog is at https://www.writeoutloud.net/profiles/davidsubacchi
Succre, Ray
Such, George
for issue 44
Suermondt, Tim
Glenn, thanks for the opportunity. Best, Tim
Sukeforth, Katherine
Katherine Sukeforth was born in Guam in 1950. Settling in Maine when she was nine she had 40 acres to roam and ride her horses.Picnicing in the woods and on the ocean with family she learned an appreciation for all creation. Katherine’s 7th grade teacher had a tremendous impact on her life as she introduced the students to the magic of poetry.It was the beginning of many years of writing…
Sukhathankar, Heramb
Summerlin, Cindi
Summers, R.G.
Swartz, Christopher J.
Chris Swartz holds a J.D. from the New England School of Law, where he was a comment-and-note editor for the New England Law Review. He graduated from Elon University in 2008 with an A.B. in Political Science and minors in Philosophy and Literature.
Sylvan, Isabel
Isabel Sylvan lives along the Raritan Bay where she writes both poetry and fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous small presses throughout the past twenty years. Currently, she is the editor of Poetry Breakfast a daily online poetry magazine. She also runs the Isabel Sylvan Poetry Shop where she sells her handwritten poems amidst the digital age.
Symonds, Samantha

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