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Poet Biographies

Taylor Horn, L.M.
L.M. Taylor Horn Author of two books, photographer and vocalist
Taylor Nielsen, David
David Taylor Nielsen is a Literacy Coach and reading teacher with Montgomery County Public Schools. He is currently the host of Poetry Night Open Mic in Greenbelt, MD. He can also be found haunting other open mic poetry readings in the DC Metro Region and especially in Annapolis, MD. He has been published in Gargoyle Magazine and Blackjack Quarterly Journal #1.
Teague, Heather
Templet, Jasmine
Thacker, Nicholas
I am an HVAC/R mechanic by trade, but spend my free time writing. My writings focus on the deconstruction of domination and systems of oppression, and a journey for total liberation.
Thavalingam, Annoj
I am a researcher developing novel gene therapies. I also serve as the editor of a local newspaper and enjoy spending my leisure time watching movies and playing retro video games.
Thepmankorn, Parisorn
Parisorn Thepmankorn lives in a small and relatively unknown town in New Jersey.
Therrien , Allan
Thomas, Jeffrey
Just some dude.
Thompson, Jesse
Thompson, Richard
Richard Thompson is a clinical psychologist living in Houston
Thompson, Shannon
Thorn, Jonathan
My name is Jonathan Thorn. I’m a stay at home dad with my wife and five children. I love to write and let my thoughts flow onto paper. I have a chapbook published ‘Cutting the Mobius’ and ‘Sophistimicated’ through Writing Knights. I have also been published in two magazines High Coupe and Stroke Connections Magazine as well as anthologies through Writing Knights Press including 'The Squire: Page a Day Poetry Anthology 2015', ‘1000 Paper Cranes’, ‘The Grail’, ‘Stark Roots’, Crisis Chronicle Pr
Thymian, Jari
Tilley, Ellis

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