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Poet Biographies

Spitzenberger, Ray
This is one of three haikus I wrote, one after the other, to express my return to haiku writing after many years of pursuing an unrelated career, imagining myself an ancient Japanese haikuist. I have published my writings in The Pawn Review (poem), Food for Thought (haikus), Red River Review (poems), Try Magazine (poems and fiction), New and Experimental Literature (short story), Grit (feature article), Handbook of Texas (History), and numerous other publications. I live near Houston, Texas, w
Spragins, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Spencer Spragins is a poet and writer who taught in community colleges for more than a decade. Her work has been published extensively in Europe, Asia, and North America. She is the author of "The Language of Bones: American Journeys Through Bardic Verse" (Kelsay Books) and "With No Bridle for the Breeze: Ungrounded Verse" (Shanti Arts Publishing).
Sprague, Adam
Dr. Adam Sprague is an Assistant Professor and Student Success Coordinator at Bellin College in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
St. Pierre, Pat
Pat St. Pierre is a freelance writer of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She writes for both children and adults. Her work has been published both online and in print. Her poetry has won awards. Her third poetry chapbook "Full Circle" has just been published and is available at Amazon. com. Her poetry has been published both online and in print.She has been published in A Long Story Short, The Camel Saloon, Silver Boomer Books, Three Line Poetry, Our Day's Encounter, etc. Her blog iswww.pstpierr
Stallings, Bree
My name is Bree Stallings and I am a Studio Art/Creative Writing student at Queens University of Charlotte. I love to dance, paint, and submit poetry! ;) This is a haiku, (not like you guys wouldn't know that or something, haha). I hope you enjoy and thanks everyone along this process for your time and efforts!
Standish , Robert
What this means to me is I try to imagine all the ways that I have little faith in my own judgment and despite what I want my mind talks me out of it.
Staveley, Will
Steele, Craig
Craig W. Steele is a writer and university biologist whose musings occur in the urban countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania. His haiku and senryu have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Prune Juice, a handful of stones, Asahi Haikuist Network, Grey Sparrow Journal, Modern Haiku and elsewhere.
Stefon, Matt
Matt Stefon is associate editor for poetry of West Texas Literary Review and an adjunct at Norwich University. He is the author of four short collections of poetry, most recently of \"Shaking the Wind\" (2017; Finishing Line Press). He lives North of Boston and occasionally makes short films of readings of his poems on his YouTube page.
Stein, Carol
I teach English Literature and Composition at the Community College of Philadelphia.
Steiner, Sherry
Sherry Steiner Housatonic MA 01236 www.sherrysteiner.com
Stephenson, Charles
Stickles, Tina
Tina Stickles is an author and poet living in East Texas. Poetry has been a life-long passion, and she enjoys finding new ways to develop her skill and self-expression.
Stone, Andrew
Andrew J. Stone is a recent high school graduate and his work has appeared or will appear in Phantom Kangaroo, The Camel Saloon, Yesteryear Fiction, and The Fringe.
Stratigakis, George
George Stratigakis’ work has appeared in The Wisconsin Review, Thimble Literary, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, Quiddity International, Contemporary American Voices, The Tipton Poetry Journal, Three Line Poetry, Stixoi, and The American Aesthetic.

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