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Poet Biographies

Shioshita, Joshua
Shipp, Katherine
Katherine is a poet living in Kentucky. She began working on her first poetry collection in 2017 on an Instagram blog. She favors themes of nature, death, and love.
Showalter, Shawn
Shreve, Heather
Good Morning! Happy I found your site -- Be well- Heather
Shrima, Shakthi
Shuler, Elizabeth
Shultz, David
D.F. Shultz writes from Toronto, ON, where he also works as a teacher.
Silverfox, Eden
Eden Silverfox is a writer of Cherokee, Welsh, and German descent. Born in Pennsylvania, now living in Texas. She fell in love with writing at the age of twelve when she wrote her first poem. Although she loves to write poetry, horror, and fantasy, Eden doesn't stick to one genre. But in much of her writing, influence from her Native heritage can be found. When she's not writing, she can be found reading, listening to music, or spending time with her boyfriend.
Simmons, Andy
Andy Simmons lives in San Diego, California. Most of the times he neglects the beaches at La Jolla and Santa Clara, which make it harder for him to write a Haiku.
Simmons, Jon
Simon, Terri
Terri Simon is an IT geek, drummer, witch (thats with a w not a b although that may occasionally be applicable, too), and poet. She is convinced that one of her dogs could rule the world, if she only had opposable thumbs.
Simon, Terri
Simonds, Susan
Susan Simonds is an MFA student at Adelphi University. Her work has appeared in Blue Ridge Literary Prose, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and Black Fox Literary Magazine.
Simpson, Ken
Simpson, Nate
Nate Simpson lives in Toronto, Ontario. When not working for someone else, he writes poetry and short stories.

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