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Poet Biographies

Romano, Frances
Romo, GB
G.B. Romo is at home in the west Texas desert, which provides much of his inspiration.
Rose, Devon
Roske, Vanessa
Ross, Elliot
Elliot Ian Ross is a poet from Omaha, NE. He is inspired by Chinchillas and Rigatoni.
Rossi, Jae
Jae Rossi is a poet, ESL teacher, and editor of nomadic origin currently residing in upstate New York.
Rossi, Patricia
love all the journal and books! Hoping you will consider my submission
Rowland, James
Roy, Aneesha
Aneesha Roy is an avid reader and writer of poetry. Her poems have been published in several print and online journals. Apart from literature, she is interested in feminist criticism, mythology and philosophy.
Rubirosa, DJ
Latinx from New York, in love with words since I was twelve years old
Ruetenik, Sharon
Rushton, Biff
Rushton, Biff
Russell, Arthur
Russell, Cat

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