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Poet Biographies

Raley, Christopher
Christopher Raley was born in Chico, California in 1974 and, other than a few years in Oregon, has lived there all his life. He is a husband and a father of two boys. His poetry has been published in Boys by Girls, Literati Magazine and a smattering of journals on Medium, where he also keeps a profile of his work.
Ramani, Susmita
Dear Editor at Three Line Poetry: Thank you for considering my three three-line poems. None of the lines contain over 40 characters. These are not simultaneous submissions. Best, Susmita
Ramirez, Elizabeth
Ramirez, Emily
emily ramirez is a womanist poet and writer. she lives in Richmond, Va.
Ramirez-Sanchez, Ed
60 year old Native American-retired
Ramser, Emily
The poem is entitled "Morning Banana" Thanks for reading! Emily Ramser is a high school author living part time between North Carolina and California. She has been published in a small school anthology as well as in the online lit magazine, The Crocodile Journal. She also works with Stage of Life as a featured blogger and on the team of a local magazine based at Living Word Church. She wishes to be published so that she might touch the world with her words.
Ranaldi-Adams, Valentina
Ratcliffe, Michael
Michael Ratcliffe writes while sitting on rocks next to a small stream in central Maryland, sometimes physically, and sometimes only in his mind.
Ratcliffe, Zach
The briefness of Sakura blooms is a reflection of the brevity of life. An infinitesimal bump in the temporal wheel of existence.
Ray, Anthony
Three line poetry has meant a lot to me for a long time. Since I was a wee lad in high school, Haiku has been a huge part of my existence. From being heavily represented in my 10th English class project poetry book, to making up and screaming 'off the cuff' Haiku poetry out of my friend's old orange Duster. My degenerate friends didn't know what Haiku was, but I sure did. They just relished in the fact that I was crazy and seemed to not give two s#its what anyone thought. If you say 'someth
Rb, Joey
Red, Elias
Dear Editor. Please consider the attached poem for possible inclusion in a future edition of your magazine. I am a poet based out of Iowa and have been published in Warbing Collective, Haiku Journal, Lyric Iowa and Subterranean Quarterly. Nothing much else matters but the poems. Elias Red
Redman, Mary
I am a retired high school English teacher who finally has time to do the writing I always thought I should do. I enjoy experimenting with various forms and types of poetry.
Redmond, Reed
Reed Redmondís work has appeared most recently in BROAD magazine and on the University of the Basque Countryís website after receiving first prize in their annual international writing competition. A Minnesota native, he currently resides in Chicago.
Rees, Melanie
Melanie Rees is an Australian writer and ecologist. Her poems have appeared in Apex, InDaily and Everyday Poets. More information on her work can be found at www.flexirees.wordpress.com or on Twitter @FlexiRees.

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