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Poet Biographies

Abrahamsen, Brett
The author has sold fiction to the Sci Phi Journal, Creepy Podcast, and Purple Wall Stories. He resides in Saratoga Springs, NY, and has written a number of odd, pessimistic, and unappreciated philosophical essays
Abrigo, Amy
See more at http://amyabrigo.weebly.com/
Adukuri, Jagannath rao
Agarwal, Prateek
An Indian soul.
Agnew, Zach
Zach Agnew is a Canadian writer that has spent his life being inspired by the rhythm of the world around him. He was born in the fall of 1987 and has called Calgary home since. The majority of his adult life has been spent working in a bookstore, surrounded by the books that continue to inspire him. Currently he is attending the University of Calgary, where he is working towards finishing up his Bachelor of Arts in History. To find more of his work please visit: www.zagthepoet.com
Ahm, Sarah
Sarah Ahm is from somewhere she likes to forget and is going somewhere she likes to be. She is breathing in Canada for now.
Alderman, Sarah E.
Sarah E. Alderman is not an established poet. She is in fact an anti-established poet, writer, and artist. She writes because she reads and reads because she writes. She believes in vicious cycles and full circles. She gets her inspiration from music, books, the world around her and her own sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful life. You can find her works in Negative Suck, Dark Chaos, Shred the Safe House, Gutter Eloquence, Flash Fiction World, and Short, Fast, and Deadly.
Aldridge, Bobby
Alfier, Tobi
Tobi Alfier is a multiple Pushcart nominee and a Best of the Net nominee. Current chapbooks are “The Coincidence of Castles” from Glass Lyre Press, and “Romance and Rust” from Blue Horse Press. “Down Anstruther Way” is forthcoming from FutureCycle Press. She is co-editor of San Pedro River Review (www.bluehorsepress.com). Thank you very much for your time and consideration. S
Allen, Joshua
Joshua C. Allen is a poet and singer and songwriter with a passion for gardening, ecological sustainability, and lucid dreaming. He also plays the didgeridoo. Joshua lives and works in his hometown of Kokomo, Indiana.
Allgeier, Jacob
Jacob Allgeier is currently studying at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida for a B.A. in Creative Writing and a B.A. in Literature. His work appears in Six Sentences.
Allison, Jan
Inspiration for the poem comes from reading Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker
Alsbury, Kate
Freelance Writer & Editor. Nature Lover. Currently the editor at Jalmurra. @KateAlsbury on Twitter.
Altaf, Nabeela
I am a 21-year old 3rd year medical student from Pakistan. I juggle between poetry and medicine and aspire to become a vet someday, although I am quite proficient in my aim to publish a poetry anthology soon. I have been writing articles and essays at a very young age but poetry writing started for me at 19. My poem ‘Jar of Smiles’ is going to be published in the e-magazine Poetry Pacific on 5th August, 2014. I have had work published in The Screech Owl as well. I can be contacted by email; na
Altamira, Mia
Por supuesto.

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