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Poet Biographies

Van Hooser, Doug
Doug Van Hooser's poetry has appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Stoneboat Literary Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Star 82, On the Rusk and Black Fox Literary Magazine. The Riding Light Review recently published one of his short stories. Doug is also a network playwright at Chicago Dramatists Theatre.
Van Rhoads, Shea
Shea R. Van Rhoads is a writer, teacher, researcher, humanitarian, entrepreneur, mother and dog-lover. She holds degrees from Harvard and Simmons. In 2006, Ms. Van Rhoads co-founded the nonprofit Temwani Children's Foundation to help build a primary school for orphans in Zambia. Her recent poetry book, Quarters, explores the nuances of heart, mind, spirit, and culture.
Van Valin, Joel
Vasquez, Emiliano
Inspiration for my work is grounded in simplicity. I enjoy poems that are forthright and unvarnished. My imagination likes to be led on.
Vecchitto, Michele
Velasco, Sarah
Ventresca, Cynthia
Cynthia A. Ventresca lives in Wilmington, Delaware, works for a local utility, and currently attends the University of Delaware. Her work has appeared most recently in Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry, Column 585, and 50 Haikus, Issue #10.
Viento, Wanda
Villarreal, Adrian
Vinas, Sara
Sara Vinas is a worshipper of sun, sea and serendipity. She is also an artist and the inspirations for art in paint and pen come from her delight in nature, especially of the salt water variety. Her poetry has been published in "Whimsy," "Errant Parent," "Brevity Poetry Review" and the anthology "Prompted." Her art and poetry can be found at saravinas.blogspot.com Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your reply.
Vinstra, Yvonne
Some of my fondest memories are of my days in the theatre when I was young. I was an apprentice at a summer stock theatre, working backstage and playing bit parts with professionals. I worked there for three summers and also acted with the Detroit Civic Center Theatre. As a special activities instructor for the Detroit Department of Parks & Recreation, I taught Creative Dramatics to children and teens and later conducted poetry workshops with some of these students as well. I learned a lot ab
Viti, Lynne
BIO:Lynne Viti, a native of Baltimore, teaches in the Writing Program at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, where her courses focus on law, media, and bioethics. Her poetry has appeared online and in print journals. She blogs at stillinschool.wordpress.com.
Vitoria, Helen
Helen Vitoria's poems appear in many places online and in print.
Von der Embse, Daniel
Dear editor, This poem is the result of combining several three line poems into one impressionistic form. I was quite happy with the result, although I recognize this might not fit your format. But you never know. At any rate, please enjoy. Love Dan
Von Nordheim, Chuck
Chuck Von Nordheim lives outside of Dayton, Ohio.

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