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Poet Biographies

Beveridge, Robert
Robert Beveridge lives in Northeast Ohio, makes noise, writes poems.
Bhattacharya, Ishita
Bhola, Vinati
This was once published at Pure Haiku, an online haiku blog run by Freya Pickard.
Bhoori, Aisha
Aisha Bhoori is an overworked student who has had pieces published in The Copperfield Review, Azizah, SuhaibWebb.com, and Three Line Poetry.
Bickley, Sara
Bilman, Emily
Dear Editor, I hope you will enjoy my latest haïku. I siwh you all the best in these harsh times. Best Regards, Emily Bilman
Birnbaum, Daniel
He lives in France. He writes short poems and short fictions. In English his poems appeared in Blue Heron Review, Skylark, Chrysanthemum, Failed Haiku and One-Sentence Poems. He has published ten books.
Bishop, Douglas
DOUGLAS BISHOP, having worked with students aged one to ninety, now teaches middle school in Lowell, Massachusetts. As a poet, he has performed from Glasgow to Guatemala, but now appears around Boston, bringing a literary sensibility to musical and multi-voiced poetry events.
Bjorkman, Walter
Walter Bjorkman is a poet, writer, photographer, editor and graphic designer living in the foothills of the Adirondacks. He has been published in many online and print journals.
Bjotvedt, Connor
Connor Bjotvedt received his Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Spalding University. He was awarded the Charles E. Bull Creative Writing Scholarship for Poetry by Northern Arizona University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in English, Literature, and Creative Writing. Connor was a 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee and his work has appeared in Rain Taxi, the Santa Fe Literary Review, the Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, Straylight Literary Magazine, and The Wayfarer, among others. His first co
Black, Grace
Blaker, Eli
This poem is based on the Holocaust concentration camps.
Blanke, Heidi Griminger
Heidi Griminger Blanke, Ph.D. (not in anything to do with writing) won her first writing contest at age ten. She is a frequent contributor to area magazines and has published numerous essays and poems. As a lark, she wrote a romance novel, Redesigning Love (pen name Lisa Gabrielle) and has another in the works. Blanke credits Women Writers Ink, a local critique group, with putting her on the path to publication. She lives with her husband in western Wisconsin.
Blankenship, Wendy
Bio Wendy E. Blankenship completed her MFA in Creative Writing through Naropa University. She is the co-author of Along the Black. Her work has appeared in Not Enough Night, Sugar House Review, Bed, and Transmission. She writes and teaches in Salt Lake City.
Bloom, Gary
The name of the poem is Could’ve, Should’ve

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