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Poet Biographies

Samuelson, Audrey
Audrey Samuelson lives and writes in Alabama.
Sargent, Angela
Ms. Sargent is from Denver, CO and has been writing since she was a kid, thanks to the encouragement of one of her favorite English teachers. She is mother to two wonderful sons, and loves writing everything from poetry to fiction. She has published two books to date and is working on a dystopian, futuristic novel that will "put my Biology degree to use." Some of her other work has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Tanka Journal, HeartLodge, 50 Haikus, AIM Magazine, Erete's Bloom, Three
Saunders, Cliff
I have plenty more where this came from!
Sauvage Angel, Kelly
A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in literature, Kelly Sauvage Angel (a.k.a. Kalyanii) is the author of Om Namah…, Scarlet Apples & Cream, two stage plays, dozens of short stories and hundreds of articles. In her free time, she can likely be found engaging her muse within the dance studio or amid the magnificence of nature.
Sauve-Rogan, Daniel
Sawyer, Matt
Scalzo, Emily Jo
Thank you for considering the haiku, "Chelyabinsk." My bio: Emily Jo Scalzo received a BA in Creative Writing from Purdue and an MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in fiction from Fresno State. She currently resides in Muncie, Indiana, and is an assistant professor at Ball State University. She won the 2007 Undergraduate Fiction Contest at Purdue University, and her work has been published in Mobius: The Journal of Social Change and Run to the Roundhouse, Nellie, and is forthcomin
Scanlon, Ray
Massachusetts boy. Has grandchildren. Extraordinarily lucky. No extrovert.
Scarcello, Anthony
I began writing when I was 16 and have worked in the broadcast industry for almostt 20 years. I love to read, and some of my earliest inspirations with regards to poetry are Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton and Charles Bukowski. Much of my work is self exploratory, and focuses on the experiences that have not only shaped me, but others as well.
Schafer, Suanne
Suanne Schafer is a retired family practice physician living in Texas. In October 2014, she completed the Stanford University Creative Writing Certificate program. Her short works have been featured in Bęte Noire Magazine (editor’s choice) and Empty Sink Publishing. “Suite for the Lady in Red” will be included in Geminid Publishing’s Conspiracy Hour anthology late in 2015. Her novel, Shifting Heat, was a finalist in the Paranormal Division in the Windy City Four Seasons contest. She is currently
Scheer, Wayne
Wayne Scheer has been nominated for four Pushcart Prizes and a Best of the Net.
Schenck, Bill
Schmidlin, Susan
Susan Schmidlin mrs.susan.schmidlin@gmail.com Farm blog- https://mrssusanschmidlin.wordpress.com I live in the rural Pacific Northwest and live on a farm with Registered Black Angus Cattle, tall timber, an aggressive garden and an ocean-going river. Blogging about the adventures, mis-steps and accomplishments on the farm take up my time when I am not outside in the thick of the business.
Schmidt, Meg
Schmidt, Wendy
Wendy Schmidt is a Wisconsin native who has written short stories and poems for the last 10 years. She enjoys gardening, animals and collecting odds and ends. Her cold weather survival supplies include any Betty Davis or Bogart movie, a good ghost story, and sitting at the computer and writing whatever comes to mind.

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