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Poet Biographies

Paterson, Judith
Judith Paterson lives near Toronto with her two daughters and a big goofy, sock-eating dog. Judith still has a day job working as a customer experience and process improvement specialist. What seems like a lifetime ago, Judith graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in English and Communications where she was awarded a U of T literary award. After decades of not writing, yet still considering herself a writer, Judith figures she’d better write something soon or give up the p
Patterson, Melissa
Patti, J
JPatti listens to everything from Los Angeles.
Pattison, Allison
A. M. Pattison is an assistant professor of English. She teaches college composition, literature, and creative writing. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared in Ground Fresh Thursday, Feminist Spaces, and Failed Haiku, among others. Outside of work, she tries to corral her toddler son while lounging on the couch with her equally lazy Pomeranian.
Payne , Kim
Pearson, Tom
Tom Pearson is a writer, director, and choreographer and the co-creator of the long-running immersive theater hit Then She Fell.
Peck, Rachel
A writer of poetry and prose, Rachel lives in South West England with her husband and black labrador.
Pedraza, Miguel
Pella, Patricia
Pereira, Maricarmen
This was inspired by photography (and of course love): picture perfect, taking the shot, and getting THE photo.
Pescatore, Tom
Tom Pescatore can sometimes be seen wandering along the Walt Whitman bridge or down the sidewalks of Philadelphia's old Skid Row. He might have left a poem or two behind to mark his trail. He maintains a poetry blog: amagicalmistake.blogspot.com.
Petras, Robert
Robert Petras is a graduate of West Liberty University and a resident of Toronto, Ohio. His work has appeared in The Camel Saloon, The Rubber Lemon and Howls and Pushycats.
Phillips, Andrew
Thank you for considering my poem. Andrew
Phillips, Glenn Allen
Glenn Allen Phillips currently lives in College Station, Texas where he teaches mathematics and English at a local community college and occasionally considers finishing his doctorate in Educational Administration. While many activities hold his attention, Glenn’s first love is eating candy. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, quilting, and growing beards.
Pilgrim, Timothy
Timothy Pilgrim (emeritus journalism professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham) has published 260 poems accepted by literary journals and is co-author of "Bellingham Poems," (2014) -- see his work at www.timothypilgrim.org.

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