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Poet Biographies

Oakshadow, BanWynn
BanWynn Oakshadow has been a writer, artist and poet since 1978. He loves to explore the endless opportunities for self-expression through the written word. His professional writing is primarily speculative fiction, generally short stories and novellas. Poetry zines are a treasured opportunity to explore other kinds of writing. His poetry has appeared in Literary Orphans, Rising Phoenix Review, Young Ravens Literary Review, The Were-Traveler, Wolf Warriors III, [adjective][species], Civilized Be
OBrian, Catherine
Catherine OBrian is a bioscientist who lives in Chicago; she has published poetry in Millers Pond Poetry Magazine, Awaken Consciousness Magazine, and elsewhere.
OConnor, Mary Beth
Note: I'm submitting for my mother, Tina O'Connor. Until recently, Tina lived in the same small New Jersey town she was born in 97 years ago. Much of her writing comes from memories or nature, particularly the ocean. The kitchen table was always her favorite place to write, especially when she was surrounded by children. Her publications include Crannog, The Galway Review, Haiku Journal, Passager, The Journal of New Jersey Poets, St. Anthony Messenger, the Newark Library Anthologies, and the Pat
Oestreich, David
David Oestreich lives in Northwest Ohio with his wife and three children
Olaru, Marius
Oliverson, Alissa
Olsen, Calvin
Thank you for considering my haiku.
Olson, Rebecca
A former flat-lander, RJ moved to the west coast on a whim. She now watches clouds roll in across the mountains instead of thunderheads towering over the plains. Her poetry has appeared in Haiku Journal, Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, Dark Moon Rising and Short Stories and Poetry anthology.
ONeill, Bill
Orlando, Justin
Orr, Sarah
Thank your for your time and opportunity to submit work to Three Line Poetry. Sincerely, Sarah W. Orr BIO: Sarah Orr lives in Lakewood, CA where she writes poetry and short fiction. Although it is a long commute, she is currently the potions mistress at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her work has appeared on eskimopie.net.
Orris, Scott
Otis, Julie Ann
julie ann otis is an artist creating written, spoken, and performance poetry, often composed on the fly and occasionally performed in mid-air. She most recently appeared at Oberon in Cambridge composing live time poetry portraiture, singing gritty blues, and performing spoken word choreographed with an aerial dance duet in rope and harness. Last year, Julie completed a year-long investigation in Indonesia and the United States studying body-based practices in creative arts, religious rituals, s
Ott, Amanda
Amanda Ott is a graduate of the College at Brockport, and she resides in Buffalo, NY. She specializes in non-fiction prose and poetry, and she has an affinity for themes that reflect the power, beauty, and truth found in nature.
Outhier, Jay

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