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Poet Biographies

Newberry, Martina Reisz
Newell, Michael L.
Michael L. Newell was a long time expatriate teacher (over twenty years) who has recently retired to coastal Oregon after living in thirteen other countries on five continents. He has also lived in thirteen of the United States. His work has been published in, among other places, Aethlon: The Journal of Sports Literature, Bellowing Ark, Culture Counter, Ship of Fools, Lilliput Review, and Rattle. He has had a number of books and chapbooks published. Among them are Traveling without Compass o
Ng, Chien Ying
Chien Ying Ng lives in Malaysia.
Ngam, Vanessa
Ngo, Deborah
My name is Deborah Rachel Ngo and i was born in 1988. I live in Singapore and i am of Chinese and Eurasian heritage. Painting and writing have been lifelong passions for me. This was written one night while i was staring up at the sky and it was a blanket of solid dark blue with hardly any clouds at all and all i could see was a tiny beautiful star. The star made me think of heaven and God and reminded me that there are things out there that are bigger than us
Nicholas, Joe
Joe Nicholas is an experimenter and an experiencer, finishing his last semester at Champlain College. He is a wine, feline, and broccoli enthusiast who has been published or is forthcoming in Dead Flowers, Emerge Literary Journal, Willard & Maple, Haiku Journal, 50 Haikus, and Star*Line.
Nicola, James B.
"Knells and Bells"
Nielsen, Ayaz daryl
best to our poetic endeavors. . .
Nisbet, Robert
Robert Nisbet is a lecturer and poet from Wales
Niyogi, Ashok
Ashok Niyogi is a wandering seeker after truth. He was born in Kolkata in 1955 and graduated in economics from Presidency College. He lived and worked as an international trader in the USSR and Russia and his work involved extensive travel worldwide. He is now retired and lives in Delhi and California. He still travels hard and long and occasionally writes. Ashok has two books of poems REFLECTIONS IN THE DARK (A-4 Publications) - 2002 and TENTATIVELY (I-Universe) -2005. His poems have been pub
Nordgren, MaryJane
mj is a retired family practice physician from Forest Grove, Oregon. mjblathers@wordpress.com "dark poet who loves to laugh" currently rewriting (yet again) her screenplay and novel entitled "A Silent War."
Norton, Gerry
Nyberg, Sydney
Nyberg, Sydney
Nystrand, Kasha

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