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Poet Biographies

Metzger, Stephanie
Meyers, Mackenzie
Mezynski, Neila
Neila Mezynski is author of Glimpses and A Story from Scrambler Books; pamphlets from Greying Ghost Press; echapbooks from Radioactive Moat Press and Patasola Press; chapbooks from Folded Word Press, Nap, Deadly Chaps Press, Mondo Bummer, Mud Luscious Press.
Miao, Hannah
Hannah Miao is a writer from Arizona. She has been published in Burningword Literary Journal, Aerie International, Cargoes, and Cicada. Currently, she serves as editor-in-chief of Phosphene Literary Journal. She is interested in the intersection between art and science.
Michael, Petra
Petra Michael rides the rails in both Munich and Washington, writing snippets of poetry between stops.
Michalski, Penny
Thank you for the opportunity to submit some of my work.
Middleton, Kaylyn
Milam, Chris
Miller, Banks
inspired by a visit to the pre-Hispanic ruins in Mexico
Miller, Dane
Dane Miller is a teacher living in South Australia.
Miller, Dean K
Dean K Miller, from Loveland, CO is an author, editor, freelance writer, and creator of the "Haiku For You Project." His work has appeared in three dozen magazines, anthologies, and online. He published two books in 2014 via Hot Chocolate Press, two more in 2016 under his own impring, MDK, Inc. Learn more at www.deankmiller.com
Miller, Michelle
Michelle Hendrixson-Miller lives in Columbia, TN. She is an MFA candidate at Queens University of North Carolina where she served as poetry editor for Qu literary magazine. Her poems have appeared in Poem, Poems & Plays, Main Steet Rag, Iodine, and The Lake, and The Meadow. She was nominated for a Pushcart in 2011.
Miller, Shelly
Shelly Buttenhoff Miller resides in Springfield, Oregon. She has three adult sons. Shelly enjoys hiking, photography, bowling, reading and coloring with friends. She started writing poetry to help her express her feelings and emotions in a way that reflect them at the time.
Minard, James
Mitchell, Elizabeth
E. L. Mitchell is a happily married writer with EDS owned by two cats. She loves to branch genres, write dark characters, read and create plot twists and overuse commas.

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