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Poet Biographies

Mcgavock, Ie
ie mcgavock hails from Ireland and salutes the pacific
McGreevey, Jennifer
Thank you for the feedback last time!
McLafferty, Tim
Dear Editor, Please consider my three line poem for publication. In keeping with the minimalist theme here, I will end now, a short bio is included below. Best Wishes, Tim McLafferty Tim McLafferty lives in NYC. A professional drummer, he’s played in Urinetown, Grey Gardens, and lots of other groovy places. timmclafferty.com
McLoughlin, Mary
McManes, Robert
R.D. McManes is the author of seven poetry books. Mr. McManes has had over 450 poems featured in numerous worldwide publications, including Prairie Poetry, Writer’s Hood, Scrivener’s Pen, Mipo Magazine, The Heron’s Nest, Poems Niederngasse, Newtopia, Lochraven Review, Muddy River Review, Commonline Journal, and Barefooot Review. He has been a featured speaker and conducted poetry workshops and copyright presentations for the Kansas Author’s Club. He currently resides in Topeka, Kansas.
McMullen, Rachel
Rachel L. McMullen is a teacher, freelance writer, editor, and poet. She has served as Chief Editorial Assistant for the Human Organization Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Poetry Editor for Oracle Fine Arts Review, and Assistant Editor for Negative Capability Press. She was the recipient of 2013/2014 Steve and Angelia Stokes Graduate Poetry Award and her work can be found in various online outlets and archives, including Oracle 2014, Eunoia Review, and Unbroken. Rachel is the Co
McNabb, Fiona
Fiona McNabb is an avid lover of tea, trees, and treetop tea parties. She is currently working on a chapbook inspired by her muse, the angel of alliteration. You can find bits of Fiona’s mind on her blog: http://thedoorkeeper.tumblr.com/
McNeal, Kelly
Kelly McNeal lives and works in NJ. Her recent publications appear in Front Porch Review, Poetry Breakfast and Crack the Spine Literary Magazine.
McNerney, Joan
Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Blueline, Spectrum, three Bright Spring Press Anthologies and several Kind of A Hurricane Publications. She has been nominated three times for Best of the Net. Four of her books have been published by fine small literary presses.
Meeks, Kevin
Kevin Meeks is a graduate of Providence Christian College where he majored in English. He has had poetry appear in Gone Lawn. He is hard at work editing his first fantasy novel.
Meighan, Patrick
Thanks for reading this haiku. I hope you enjoy it! Patrick
Mellen, Eric
Bio: Eric Mellen is a young freelance writer who currently writes poems and short stories. He has been published by Poetry Life and Times and Nostrovia! poetry. When he is not writing, he is studying to under the psychology curriculum, and plans to one day become a research psychologist.
Melnyczuk, Fred
Melton, Bill
Three Line Poetry provides an expanded venue for not only traditional haiku subjects, but a variety of others as well. I find seventeen syllables sufficient to express a thought or event. Many of my submissions, formed by my subconscious during sleep, are penned on a note pad in darkness and transcribed at morning light.
Metzger, Stephanie

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