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Poet Biographies

Larke, Maude
Maude Larke lives in France. She has come back to creative writing after years in the university system, analyzing othersí texts, and to classical music as an ardent amateur, after fifteen years of piano and voice in her youth. Publications include Birdís Eye reView, Naugatuck River Review, Oberon, Cyclamens and Swords, riverbabble , 52|250, and Sketchbook.
Larke, Maude
Maude Larke lives in France with the ghost of her last cat. Her credo is 'never wear two things of the same color when hiking'. She has this bad habit of collecting things and getting antsy when people begin to touch the items in the collections. Especially the pebble collection. She thoroughly admits that she teaches as a day job out of sadism.
Larrea, Phillip
Phillip Larrea is a widely published poet in the U.S., Canada, Ireland and Europe. His chapbook, Our Patch (Writing Knights Press), was released January 2013. Phillipís full-length poetry collection, We the People (Cold River Press), released April, 2013.
Larry, CL
Writer. Poet. Peacemaker. Rule breaker. Part-time feminist. Full-time liberal. Foodie. Book lover. Booze drinker. Truth seeker.
Larsen, Nina
Nina E. Larsen has published work in Norway and the US. Recently published in "Fourandtwenty.com" and "Haiku Journal".
Larson, Jody
Lasso, Juliet
Lauton, Julie P.
New Jersey native, Julie P. Lauton, fancies herself a writer of copy, content, and a sometimes-poet. A magna cum laude graduate of Lehigh University, there she earned a BA in Psychology. Julieís poems have been featured in several print and online publications, including The Greenwich Village Literary Review, A Hundred Gourds, The Mindful Word, and The Australia Times Poetry Magazine.
Lawless, Laura
Layaoen, Kayla
Kayla Layaoen is a student of literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She pursues arts in all mediums, from visual to musical to written, whenever she can.
Leavitt, Erin
Wittier than the average bear. No fluff, just stuff. Written on my iPhone.
LeBeau, Mary Delle
Mary Delle grew up in Texas, discovered ferns in upstate New York, smelled dill when she arrived in Russia and lives in a California cottage with nature around.
LeClair, Lee
Well here we go.......
Lee, Deborah
Deborah Lee is passionate about wordplay, music and stories. One of her sisters is abbreviated to B, which perhaps explains being drawn to places like Ballarat, Brunswick and Brisbane. Publications include fourW, Page Seventeen, Paradise Anthology, Pink Panther Magazine, Stereo Stories and assorted anthologies. Blogging at http://www.redbubble.com/people/msdebbie since 2009.
Lee, Stuart

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