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Poet Biographies

Kingston, Maureen
Maureen Kingston lives and works in eastern Nebraska. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Centrifugal Eye, Lily, Pireneís Fountain, Poetry Quarterly, Psychic Meatloaf, and The Smoking Poet.
Klenetsky, Wendy lee
I hope you like it and wish to use it in a future issue. If you do, please R.S.V.P. If you cannot use it, please let me know that, too. In either event, let me thank you for your kind cooperation and consideration of my poem.
Klepetar, Steve
Steve Klepetar is a minimalist.
Klonoski, Brian
Brian Klonoski lives and writes in Maine. His work has been featured in The Harvard Summer Review and is forthcoming in dcomp magazine.
Knabe, Martin
Knott, Kip
Over the years, Iíve been fortunate enough to have had poems published in Barrow Street, Gettysburg Review, Right Hand Pointing, Virginia Quarterly, and four small collections, the most recent being Afraid of Heaven, published by Mudlark. In my spare time, I peruse flea markets and antique stores for vintage paintings to buy and then sell on my online Etsy shop, ArtfulPicker.
Koji, William F.
Bill Koji was born in Oakland, California. He is a graduate of Citrus College in Glendora, California and Woodbury College in Los Angeles ultimately received his B.S. degree in art.
Kolbet, Matt
Matt Kolbet teaches and writes near Portland, Oregon.
Koleva, Mariya
Since graduation in 1997 Mariya Koleva has been teaching English literature and translating for a living. She has been writing poetry all along, too. Having grown up in Eastern Europe during socialism, surprisingly, her main reading and writing language is English. It seems she has more readers in it.
Kolin, Philip
Philip C. Kolin is the Distinguished Professor of English (Emeritus) at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi where he also edits the Southern Quarterly. He has published 8 collections of poetry, including, most recently, Emmett Till in Different States: Poems (Third World Press, 2015) and Benedict\'s Daughter: Poems (Wipf and Stock, 2017). He has also published numerous books on Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, and African American playwrights plus a business writing textbook Successful Writing at
Kolp, Laurie
Laurie Kolp strives to be more like her three children, innocent and pure; or perhaps her two dogs, faithful and unconditional. The older she gets, the younger she feels as her path narrows and her experience grows. Her hand is reaching out to you. Why donít you join her? http://lkharris-kolp.blogspot.com and http://lkkolp.wordpress.com.
Koong, Joanne
Joanne Koong is a student at the Orange County High School of the Arts where she studies Creative Writing. Her poetry has been published in Rattle, Third Wednesday, and Inkblot among many other places.
Korsgaard, Sean
Sean CW Korsgaard is a former solider, current college student, and aspiring writer.
Kovac, Kim Peter
Thanks for your support of new writing Kim Peter Kovac lives in Alexandria, VA, and works nationally/internationally in theater for young audiences with an emphasis on new play development and networking. His work is forthcoming or can be found in HowlRound, The Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Crack the Spine, Eunoia Review, Crunchable, Glint Literary Journal, The Metric, Mad March Hare, the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Modern Day Fairytales, Haiku Journal, and Write Local Play Global.
Kowalczyk, James
James Kowalczyk has had poems, flash and microfiction published in a number of online and print publications.

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