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Poet Biographies

Hotaling, Scott
Houle, Betty
About me: I’m 66, married, a working mother of three and grandmother of four. I inspect springs to pay the bills, but I write poetry and children’s stories for the sheer joy of it and the need to do so. Additionally, I take pictures of things that catch my heart and soul.
Houlis, Alexandra
Houlis, Allie
Houston, Jerome
Howard, Beth
Beth Howard is a writer living in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She fell in love with writing 5-7-5 haiku in 2006 after reading Clark Strand's book "Seeds From a Birch Tree." Her haiku poems appear in Natalie Goldberg's book, "The True Secret of Writing" and in the journal "Three Line Poetry."
Howard, Christina
Christina Howard is a writer and spoken word artist living in Louisville, KY with her two beautiful children. In 2009, she was a facilitator for “Minimizing Violence through Poetry and Spoken Word,” an initiative to support local youth. Her work has appeared in “Calliope Nerve,” “BlazeVOX” and Heavy Hands Ink’s “NitTwits: A Collection of Twitter Length Poems.” Her multimedia piece, “The Belles Toll,” was recently on display at “Solidarity” in Louisville, KY.
Howard, Diana
Thank you for considering my submission to Three Line Poems.
Howard-Hobson, Juleigh
Howell, Robert
Rob is a poet, playwright, and flash fiction writer living in Central Florida
Howell, Traci
I have a Masters in Creative writing. I am published in Three Lines Poetry, Haiku Journal and Scifaikuest. I recently had poetry published in America's Poetic Soul: The Anthology of Enlightened Poets for America. I also have multiple articles written for a number of websites.
Huffer, Gail
Huffman, A.J.
A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer from Daytona Beach, FL.
Hulyk Maxwell, Sarah
Sarah Hulyk Maxwell is pursuing her MFA in poetry at LSU where there are plenty of dragonflies to go around.
Hunter, Alexis
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my submission. I look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience. ~Alexis A. Hunter Bio: Alexis A. Hunter loves weaving words. To learn more about her visit www.idreamagain.wordpress.com

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