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Poet Biographies

Henry, David
Dave Henry is a writer and jazz musician who resembles Thomas Pynchon
Herrell, Dennis
Dennis Herrell lives in a 1920’s bungalow in the old historic Heights of Houston, Texas. He writes both serious and humorous poems about his life in this civilized society. (Poking fun at himself is almost a full-time job.) He especially likes to look at the small things in everyday life that make us (him) so individual and vulnerable. About 500 poems published in various magazines since July, 2000, plus 3 books.
Heusser, Ethan
Hewitt, David
David Hewitt was born in Stuttgart, Germany, raised near Chicago, and spent eight years in Japan studying classical martial arts. A graduate of the University of Southern Maine\'s Popular Fiction MFA program, he teaches English and ESOL at the Community College of Baltimore County, but has previously worked as a freelance translator of Japanese, a martial arts instructor, a cabinetmaker’s assistant, and a pet shop boy. His translation credits include the Japanese animated series Moyashimon: Ta
Heyward, C. Z.
Observations after a late night snow storm has draped the city.
Hicks, Scott
Morning is my favorite time of day and mockingbirds are important to me for a variety of reasons. Here, I have given power to the mockingbird... and he didn"t even know it.
Hicks, Timothy
Timothy Hicks is a poet, pianist, and occasional origamist. His hobbies include biking, walking his dog, and nervous pacing. Timothy has been expressing himself, through poetical means, since he was thirteen years old. His previous publications include Three Line Poetry.
Higgins, Ed
My poems have been published in various short forms journals such as: Paper Wasp, Roadrunner Haiku, Bottle Rockets, and The Herons Nest, among others. I live on a small farm in Yamhill, Oregon with a menagerie of animals including an emu named To & Fro. Thanks for your consideration, Ed Higgins
Hildebrandt, L. Mad
L. Mad Hildebrandt exchanged the seashore for the desert. Except for water, the sands remained the same. She donned the boots and Stetson of her youth, and became Western once more. New, yet familiar, scenery sparked creativity, and Mad picked up her pen. You can find Mad online at: www.lmadhildebrandt.com . Her art is represented by Vertu Fine Art Gallery, www.vertuarts.com .
Hill, Rowland
A memory from a recent trip to Canada
Hix, H. Edgar
H. Edgar Hix is a nearly-senior citizen poet in Minnesota who misses the Oklahoma thunderstorms of his youth.
Hodgins, Devin
Devin Hodgins lives in Casper, Wyoming, surrounded by mountains, prairies, and wind. His poetry and prose run the speculative gamut. His principal influences include Poe, Kafka, Borges, and Archambault. At the opposite end of the spectrum from short verse, he is presently composing a novel-length poem involving the awakening wonder of dream. Check out his blog at: http://devinhodgins.blogspot.com .
Hodil, Jack
Jack Hodil is an English major and Creative Writing minor at the University of Richmond. His fingers are perpetually crossed, so he (usually) writes with his toes. In the past year, his poems have appeared in Word Riot, Camroc Press Review, Pure Francis, Right Hand Pointing, Quantum Poetry Magazine, and many other lovely places.
Hoefler, Matthias
Matthias Hoefler has published in Alien Skin, the Vision ezine, Bewildering Stories, and Christian Perspectives. He is lord of the manse in his small town Ohio apartment unless the cats awake. Or if his girlfriends there. He can make her laugh so hard she snorts, and sometimes, thats all he needs.
Hofke, Linda
Linda Hofke, a native Pennsylvanian, lives in Germany where she writes, takes photographs and puts her lead foot to use on the Autobahn. Her most recent work has been featured online in MiCrow, Bolts of Silk, Jellyfish Whispers, The Fib Review as well as various print markets and anthologies. She blogs at http://lind-guistics.blogspot.de and http://lindas-life-otos.blogspot.de.

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