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Poet Biographies

George, Bindu
Geurrandeno, Frank
Ghzaiel, Khadija
Gianforcaro, Adam
Adam Gianforcaro is a freelance writer and poet. He is the Membership Coordinator for Midwest Nursing Research Society. His most recent poems and prose can be found in Battered Suitcase, Defenestration and Short, Fast, and Deadly. Please consider "And/Or" for publication.
Gibson, Raymond
Raymond Gibson is a graduate of the creative writing MFA program at FAU. His work can be found in the May/June 2009 issue of Oak Bend Review, the Tiny Truths section of Creative Nonfiction #39 and #41, Nanoism 320, and the July/August 2011 issue of THIS Literary Magazine.
Giffin, Elisabeth
Elisabeth is currently working on her MFA in Creative Writing at Butler University in Indianapolis. She is an actress as well as a playwright, and is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.
Gilchrist, Stephen
To the editor(s): Thanks for the opportunity to share this poem with you! -Steve
Gilligan, Zoe
Zoe Gilligan is sixteen years-old and lives in a seaside village. Connect with her on Instagram @saolzoe.
Gillson, Marshall
Gilmore, James
The title of this poem is "Monday"
Ginsberg, Kate
I'm a poet with verse languishing in a room in my mind. Time to find the key to freedom.
Giugliano, Gabriella
I am a first-year medical student at Baylor School of Medicine. I graduated with a degree in neurobiology from Harvard University. My favorite book is Wuthering Heights, as I am hopelessly in love with Heathcliff.
Gleason, Jess
Glin, Amy
hello - this is in response to the call for quiet - thank you
Golden, Sylvia
I am a reluctant lawyer who loves language. My mother tongue is German, but my love is English. English is bursting with varieties and allows for playfulness. Its many exceptions to the rule and its conciseness still astound me.

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