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Poet Biographies

Friedenberg, Jay
Jay Friedenberg has been composing haiku for the past several years. He is a member of the Haiku Society of America and has been published in the Member’s Anthologies. Jay attended the Haiku North America Conference in Seattle in 2011 and is a regular attendee and presenter at the New York Metro HSA organization. He is also a member of the Spring Street Haiku Group that meets monthly in New York City, where he has been under the tutelage of poet luminaries Cor van den Heuval, Scott Mason, Mykel
Froelich, Molly
Molly Froelich is a "documentary" haiku poet based in Massachusetts. Her observational poems primarily document life along the Mystic River.
Froumis, Nicholas
Gabler, Stephanie
Gabrysh, Tyler
Gaines, James
Galmitz, Jack
Gambaro, Marianne
Marianne Gambaro’s poems have been published in several print and online journals. Following a career as a journalist and public relations practitioner for non profit organizations, she now writes for the sheer love of the word. She is a member of the Florence (MA) Poets Society and resides in Belchertown, MA, with her talented photographer-husband and three feline muses.
Gardiner, Tim
Dr Tim Gardiner is a professional ecologist who has been included in Marquis Who’s Who in the World for his contributions to the conservation of wildlife in Britain and won the David Bellamy Award in 2013. He has recently branched out into the fields of poetry and story writing. Recent work has included social commentary (The Winter Garden 2013) and remembrance poetry (three poems published on War Poetry UK website). His first poetry anthology ‘Wilderness’ is due to be published in 2014.
Gardner, Charles
Gaspari, Marie
Marie Elena Gaspari, of River of Dreams Writing & Poetry, is a published author and an award-winning poet. She leads creative writing workshops for adults and children. Her professional services include writing, editing, consulting, and tutoring. Her recent work was featured in the 2011 Spirit of We’Moon Anthology, Wordletting, Spring 2010, and Tarayana, 2009. Her poem, Dreaming Back My Sisters, won the Embassy Artists International 2005 Grand Prize and was chosen for presentation at the Pal
Gasperson, Donald
Gentry, Susan
Live in rural western Kentucky with husband, 3 dogs, horses. After a career in medical transcription, joined Hanson Creative Writers Workshop. Have a short story published in 'The Hanson Collective - A Sampling of Genres'; poems in 'Haiku Journal' Issues #37 and #38; poems in 'Three Line Poetry' Issue #32 and #33.
Gentry, Susan
I live in rural western Kentucky, was a medical transcriptionist 30 years, and belong to Hanson Creative Writers Workshop. A short story, 'The Dream', was published in 'The Hanson Collective - A Sampling of Genres'; poems in Prolific Press's 'Haiku Journal', 'Haiku50', 'Three Line Poetry' and 'Jitter Press' as well as U.S. newspapers.
Geopfert, Kelli

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