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Poet Biographies

Amato, Natalli
Natalli attends Syracuse University where she studies Sociology and Public Relations. She enjoys photography, guitar, and creative writing. Currently she is aspiring to publish more of her poetry. Twitter: nal_amato
Ambos, Emma
Ambrose, Mike
Mike Ambrose is an engineering executive at a New England aerospace company with degrees from the University of New Haven and MIT. He started publishing his work in 2010 and really enjoys the balance that writing provides in a life that is very exact. In the short time that he has been writing, his work has been published in over a dozen publications including Lucid Rhythms, Corner Club Press, Boston Literary Magazine, Literary Brushstrokes, and Grey Sparrow Journal among other publications.
Amonett, Morgan
Andersen, Kevin
Anderson, Amy
Amy Anderson earned her Masters in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing through the University of Michigan-Flint in 2012. She has had poetry published in Qua through the University of Michigan-Flint and in The Central Review through Central Michigan University. She teaches Creative Writing and Advanced Placement Literature & Composition in Lapeer, Michigan.
Anderson, C.B.
Fragments of C.B. Anderson can be found on any systematic google search.
Antebi, Debbi
Debbi Antebi has work published in Apollo’s Lyre and Short, Fast, and Deadly, among others. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey. Visit her @debbisland.
Antonio, Billy
Billy Antonio is a public school teacher in the Philippines. He has published poems and fiction in Tincture Journal, Anak Sastra, Red River Review, Rose Red Review, Asahi Haikuist Network, Mainichi Daily News, Philippines Free Press, Philippines Graphic among others.
Ardieta Gardner, Amanda
Amanda Ardieta Gardner is a practicing psychologist with a penchant for words.
Arguelles , Jose
The feeling that your past will haunt your future. Embarrassment, and discouragement is a big theme here.
Arner, Judith
Judith Coe Arner
Ascerno, Jason
Atkinson, Laura
Laura Atkinson has published work in Shot Glass Journal, among other places.
Augustus, Maureen
All poems were written on my daily commute home on Sacramento RT light rail trains.

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