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threelinepoetry post on March 17th, 2011

Three Line Poetry celebrates the art of three line poems. We exist only online, and purely for the love of poetry.

Haiku, senryu, experimental, abstract, free verse and just about any three line style is welcome here. We are not interested in poems with long lines.

Simplicity is the key. Keep it simple and beautiful. Three line poems should seem to say more than what is possible in three lines. They should resonate beyond themselves somehow.


Notes of interest:

We post the poems we accept online for the world to see. If you post, you are giving permission to print it.

When you submit, the process of posting your work to our current online issue is automated. Once it is approved by our editor, it magically posts exactly as you typed it. There is no extra editing here. We either accept the poem as it is, or we do not.

You cannot withdraw your poem after it is accepted because it is already printed online in an issue. You can withdraw prior to acceptance by logging into the submission manager and clicking “withdraw.”

Your three line poems should not have a title. We print the name of the author with each poem. Please do not try to title your submissions. We want every poem to appear clean/minimal. We believe minimalism and white space are key to three line poems.

  • * We do not charge you to submit.
  • * If you make it in, we pay you $1.00 total by PayPal for 1 to 3 poems. Payments are not instant.
  • * We do sell our issues in paperback.
  • * You are not required to buy anything. We do offer our issues for free online.

Each issue has 50 poems in it. We do not have a publishing schedule. A new issue is generated when the current issue reaches 50 poems.

Authors are responsible to check on the status of their own submissions. You do that using the same tool you used to submit your poetry. Just log back in and look. The status of your submission should be clearly displayed. Our system does send an automatic notification when the status of your poem changes, but it is often mistaken as spam and filtered out. So to be clear, you are responsible to check on your own status.

What’s going on here?
This is a small venue to celebrate Three Line Poetry. It is different from other journals because it is free and has no predetermined schedule. In fact, you cannot even subscribe. It’s a rolling journal which produces an issue every 50 poems. In some ways, this venue is “anti-literary journal.” If you are looking for a journal which is backed by a university press with years of publishing history, this is not it. If you want a cool place to showcase your Three Line Poetry skills, then this is perfect for you. We are selective and the short poems we showcase are wonderful to read.

What do you do with the money?
Yes we do sell paperbacks to generate revenue. The journal itself is free, so buying issues is completely optional. We take the money and pay the expenses of running the site, and then we blow the rest on cheap booze and pizza.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you submit often.

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